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About Me

Cindy started her Yoga and Pilates journey when she was attending university, majoring in Sports Science and Leisure Studies in 2002. She completed her Masters’ degree at Southampton University and began attending regular Ashtanga Yoga classes with Neil Barker, who also introduced her to the scientific practice of Pranayama (Breathing Control) and the lineage of Sri O.P Tiwari. She completed a pranayama teachers training with Tiwariji at Kaivalyadhama Institute, India. 

As Cindy’s teacher always says, “We must begin with the human body, which is designed to move and be challenged. This will lead us to see and recognise that the body follows the mind. It is this mental control, will power and inner strength that we need to tap into to realize our full potential. Once we start to make this inner journey of going beyond the mind, we tap into the realm of our Spirituality.” 

Cindy has a natural gentle calm presence in her teaching style, which helps students to feel relaxed and receptive to her teaching. Cindy’s teaching incorporates the perfect combination of western sports science and ancient eastern knowledge.  She wish to empower people to live healthier, fitter and more active lifestyles. 


Time Table


My Classes

Meditation Class

​Group Class

All Levels

​Gentle Yoga. Yogalates. Hatha Yoga.

Private Class

​1-4 people

Private lessons would be tailored specifically to the needs of the person ,their health, body type and lifestyle. 

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Corporate yoga

Workplace Yoga

​Yoga &Wellness Workshop 

Enjoy yoga in your workplace. Yoga sessions can be any time of day, on site at your workplace - getting ready to return to work chilled and energised for the rest of the day!


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"Be sincere, not serious"

- Sri.O.P. Tiwari -